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Media by MadC · BfogXhqnEqe · Likes: 2064 · Posted: 2018-02-25T21:21
25.02.18 - 21:21
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@thamesandhudson ・・・ This is the work of Claudia Walde, better known as the record-breaking street muralist @Mad_c1. Her book 'Mural XXL', highlights 200 of the best XXL works, profiling artists who work in dangerous conditions, who are as fearless and technically skilled as they are creatively brilliant. Available now.





Holy lol :) I still remember this dude who saw me getting you to to tag a poster for me when you visited gothenburg a couple of years ago - he said that I as an artist shouldn't do that because it would mean that "you always will be above me" or some stupid lol like that. He is this classic 40+ yrs graffiti oldschool dude who hasn't really made it to fame.. Always thought what he said to be hilarious and I'm glad for my poster. Cheers.


@kimmo_svensson Jealous Toy ! smh


Beautiful Mad C stay Krushing Giganticness !


I’m a quarter of the way through - It’s very inspirational! Thank you ❤️💯




You're my favorite writer hands down. Where can I grab your book?


crazy size 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




Oh damn! Giant




Lost in the canvas




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