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Media by Jeremy Mann · BfoGnV0nPXy · Likes: 1621 · Posted: 2018-02-25T17:36
25.02.18 - 17:36
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Jeremy Mann

I fully subscribe to Einstein’s sentiments that it is a fundamental human right not to participate in something you consider wrong, and as an artist, I don’t need someone else coercing me to look at things I don’t care about. Art shall stand on its own, not become the product of sideboobs and unnecessary chatter. Yes, it’s full of bugs and boogers, but so was I when I was little. 🍷



I suppose I'm a bit out of the loop. Is instagram out of favor now?


It is time! 🙌🏼


Well said


The ending of this quote, too good haha




Yes!! 😍


im already in , glad to hear your hoping on the bandvagon too


Well-said @redrabbit7!!




Seems like its good only for well stablished artists who have links to share of their own etc. I was thinking on getting it but i dont have twitch or youtube or a website to link.


It'd be nice if they had a desktop app as well. Having to use a phone to share your work is idiotic


Well said @redrabbit7




So true!


@robertfrancian in time.


@the9mm that’s why it’s acting buggy, the amount of people overwhelming the system.






So cool that more and more artists are moving there!♥️


@what_is_agent probably. They prob weren't expecting it to go viral


Just added you!


Already hearing really bad things about their terms and by going on, they can do whatever they like with the content you post. Including sell it. If this is the case, then maybe it’s not ideal for artists, at all.


They are also going to make it access by subscription only.


I am making the switch as well


Words of a wise man!🍷 btw I followed you there as well :D


Absolutely agree with you!!


As long as the platform works I don’t begrudge anyone the necessities of commerce. Insta has to make revenue somehow unless everyone wants to start paying a subscription. Being an artist is great, but it’s disingenuous to suggest that SELLING art isn’t fundamental to being a professional artist.


done !!


@robertfrancian I didn't even realize you could upload to instagram on your PC haha


@jallanclark I don’t begrudge any platform making a profit either. For me, it’s a question of will people pay for a service that puts their interests first, or are they content to have a free service that makes YOU the product. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with either approach, but I am curious to see if a subscription model@has staying power.
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