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Media by AIKO · BffPEE0AIcA · Likes: 393 · Posted: 2018-02-22T06:57
22.02.18 - 06:57
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when I made this image while ago for coloring book project, it was just like funny joke. Sadly its not joke anymore. School kids and kitties in America nowadays need to master how to operate guns to survive in their classroom and playground? …









#Dude πŸ˜”


Life has taken a sad strange turn....


Well not exactly - we dont have guns in the classroom as protection


Guns in school isn't a new thing, it's just a lot more popular these days


Right, I hope no one has to carry guns for protection neither in future generation.


True but how can we stop make it so popular.


@shootthesinger_1sickverse_ look what I accidentally found?? Lmao


@dystopiandreams lmao
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