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Media by FAITH XLVII · Bfe_oPJFJ6i · Likes: 2633 · Posted: 2018-02-22T04:42

▼ Los Angeles, California

22.02.18 - 04:42
❤ 2633


Day Two was not without its challenges. Also its freezing in LA right now, but we’re getting there... Feels good to be painting in the streets again. Los Angeles 2018. More to come! Thanks to the great @co_labs for the progress shot x



😍 so good. Do you use a projector for that scale?


@milestoland freehand


I love the way it looks, even though it’s unfinished! Very art-like and poetic with the one side left abstract.


Amazing Allways


@shrineon I want in on this love fest 😍😍😍 @faith47


How do you plan on such a scale and do freehand? I cannot wrap my head around it. Do you draw a bit and run across the street to see if proportions are correct and draw a bit and stand back and so forth?


Nice progress! Hope to make it down there in the next day! Courtney is a good friend! 👁💥


@shrineon ✨


Good luck with the cold but you can do this 💪


Where's this wall at




@coccetti_ skid row




@faith47 😨😍




Beautiful progress


Define freezing.... 😁😁😁


@co_labs so sweet


Thanks @curiouscarin - going to look!!


Can’t wait to see this when I’m all healed up! Congrats ☺️


@chickenspeak YOU are! miss ya buddayyy


Where is this located in DTLA? Would love to see you work. You painted the swans on my bldg in South Park a few years ago.... so beautiful!






Whauw allready looks great. Stay warm 💙






I'll be in L À in two weeks. It could be nice to know where is located this already wonderful wall. Thank you in advance.


@nickiemtl 500 towne Avenue. Skid row x


@coccetti_ @nickiemtl 500 towne Avenue. Skid row x
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