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Media by Joram Roukes · BfdGJhZH1j0 · Likes: 1406 · Posted: 2018-02-21T11:01
21.02.18 - 11:01
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Joram Roukes

NEW WEBSITE ONLINE Please have a look and give me feedback on what/where to improve. Active link in my bio. Thanks!!



Dope dat het mobiel snel en gebruiksgemakkelijk is qua laden. Mooi ook dat je hoofd categories ZW zijn en eenmaal doorklikken in kleur. 👌🏼


Dig it. Slick.


Prima zo, mooi, overzichtelijk👍


Hey Joram, I realy like your new Website! Such great artwork. I think the images before you reach the project page would present your work better in color. You have such a great color feeling its a pitty to see them in b/w. My opinion! And another thing the link from you old website isn't working. Well done!


I love it🙏






wow!! 👏🏼


Dope site


Love how clean and minimalist it is. Constructive personal-taste criticism: 1) I don't like the b&w thumbnails, esp. with red contact square. Full colour! 2) Murals landing page could do with photos (like exhibition page has). Just the text list is uninviting.


Super tight clean and professional, but in the end your amazing works speaks for itself.


Love the color values. Very good composition!!!!


Love it👍


Your work is so good - content and execution one of my favorite contemporary painters! One technical thought on your new site: I noticed the shopping cart icon prominently on the right - but the only images for sale are available “on request” and you had to dig a little to find them. Do you sell a lot of work through the shopping cart feature online? If so it may be useful to include a “store” page for originals and reproductions that are ready to go into the cart, if not you may want to delete it in favor of a more streamlined portfolio site. Just a thought.


Where is the store/shop page?


Site is nice, navigated thru it with no problems. ⚽⚽⚽
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