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Media by briankesinger · BfWCgNgheBy · Likes: 5064 · Posted: 2018-02-18T17:14
18.02.18 - 17:14
❤ 5064


The patron of this commission decided to upgrade their order to color and I’m so glad they did!






This is the best!


Love this 😁


I want to go.


So good! 😍


So cool! I love it!


I love how you bring life to your drawings. You make us believe your art is happening. Well done, sir.


I'll be in Disneyland in two days!


Oh! It looks even better colored. I still love this one ❤️🐕




Your dogs have Rey and Kylo vibes 😆


Such a fun piece @briankesinger, love it!


Very fun☺


I was looking for your art at Epcot #noluck you are a great artist, love your work


Gorgeous! Great job as always, @briankesinger 😊




I just watched my neighbor Totoro!! I really loved it!!! Is there any more like it???


@shimelle you might like this artist


I adore this one.


One Party for @octonation


@shamaybecakesss #octopus #dogs #madteaparty
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