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Media by Caitlin Hackett · BfUEGeJhUw6 · Likes: 6876 · Posted: 2018-02-17T22:50
17.02.18 - 22:50
❤ 6876

Caitlin Hackett

I finished up this mystic dachshund commission painting this week, an ode to the client’s sweet dog who passed away



Ooooooh lovely!


@davidtheavocado lil 3rd eye Cassie 🐾


@ferrisandfriends @weenieriz


This is one of my favorites from you now. It's so so gorgeous and the details in the fur and the gems just wow! I'm blown away by this piece😍😍




Ooh I love this! Check this out, @quietskydesign, made me think of Noodle...the sweet face.


@sanduhrahh Scoutt if she wasn't all dirt ball like she is right now lol


@james_nogitsune ❤️❤️❤️


@randinwonderlnd 😍😍😍




@itzzammyyo @michelle_me0w


@nikiscissorhands lol omg this is dope af


@atopmounthiei uhhhh do you kinda sorta need that


Your work is so amazing!


@zodiacsnowwolf aw thank you! 😊


@caitlin_hackett So much detail and I love your watercolor washes! What size is the paper, if you don’t mind me asking???


@tiger_lily_artist that's badass!




So prettyyyy💓


@betzief this piece is 6” by 9” 😊


Oh so sweet and lovely! 😍


Amazing 😍 love your choice of colors


And my dachshund is in the midst of birthing her litter 😭💕


Oh my goodness I need one of these of my beloved weenie


Amazing as always 😭those eyes are haunting. thank you for sharing your work with us.




It looks great!




Fantastic! Love this and my doxie !


@slightlyoff79 did you see her doxie painting ?!
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