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14.02.18 - 17:16
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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ let’s play North Korean


🎤 first to name all the songs with artist in order I’ll send you an original watercolor from








@rosaleee 🤣🤣🤣


Spiderwebs no doubt, last resort papa roach, waves Kanye, bad blood Taylor Swift, waiting room fugazi, anger downset


Just send me it choe I just know thay cocka roach guess one and taylor swift but not the song!!! Hey!! ......im a nice guy!,


Spiderwebs, no doubt-last resort, papa roach-waves, kanye-bad blood, Taylor swift-waiting room, fugazi (grew up with them)-downset, anger- two that are hard to hear so not sure, i don't care, icona pop. And yes I'll be your Valentine. Your mom seems cool. Am I close?


you cray 💗


I heard kittie- brackish amd laughed at the flashbacks


@the_homie_javi hell ya he is. He taught me how to use a red tint by punching your nose. Hahaha


This is awesome




@johnreddtd bruh 😂😂😂😂


I'd love to have one but have no idea of half the songs


loling killing me David! You are exactly what we needed at the Olympics.




@jcastr001 hahah


Who won this? I guess I missed Metallica? Makes since, I went deaf to them after death of Napster.


Love this lol.


Downset-anger Kittie-brackish Metallica-for whom the bell roles Icona pop- I love it No doubt-spiderwebs Papa roach- last resort Kanye West-waves Taylor Swift- bad blood Fugazi- waiting room


@davidchoe did I win? Lol


No doubt: Spiderwebs Papa roach: Last Resort Kanye West: father stretch my hands pt 1 Taylor swift: bad blood Fugazi: Waiting Room Downset: Anger Metallica: for whom the bell toll Brackish: Kittie Icona pop: I don’t care


@_yelus_ wait wow I just listened to this with the sound on. So legendario.




I'm to stupid for this but the videos are great


It's crazy how your behavior going around their perimeter is comparable to being near something feared like a beast and but familiar like a family. North Korea..


I’ll just pay for the one with you figure skating.


Charli xcx: I don’t care.








Spiderwebs-No doubt, last resort- papa roach ,waves-kanye west, bad blood Taylor swift , waiting room -Fugazi, downset-anger, kittie -brackish , Metallica for whom the bell tolls , icona pop-I love it


Plz sexpionaze them NK girls.
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