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▼ PyeongChang

14.02.18 - 17:16
❤ 3342


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ let’s play North Korean


🎤 first to name all the songs with artist in order I’ll send you an original watercolor from








@d_aaron.34 bom


@jcastr001 this dude is the lol haha 👊🏼 dope ass artist too


@peejm0n and brackish - kittie


@peejm0n whom the bell tolls -metallica


Dylon dylon and dylon


@rosaleee 🤣🤣🤣


Spiderwebs no doubt, last resort papa roach, waves Kanye, bad blood Taylor Swift, waiting room fugazi, anger downset


Just send me it choe I just know thay cocka roach guess one and taylor swift but not the song!!! Hey!! ......im a nice guy!,


Spiderwebs, no doubt-last resort, papa roach-waves, kanye-bad blood, Taylor swift-waiting room, fugazi (grew up with them)-downset, anger- two that are hard to hear so not sure, i don't care, icona pop. And yes I'll be your Valentine. Your mom seems cool. Am I close?


you cray 💗


I heard kittie- brackish amd laughed at the flashbacks


@the_homie_javi hell ya he is. He taught me how to use a red tint by punching your nose. Hahaha
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