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Media by ouinesh · BfLJu9IDoYp · Likes: 8112 · Posted: 2018-02-14T11:46
14.02.18 - 11:46
❤ 8112


Happy Valentines everybody. Valentine day is just a commercial rendez-vous, there is not special day to love your cherished ones! And it’s free of charges (almost 😋)





Ouais! L amour c est tous les jours!


Very clever use of hearts 😍👍


@klaudiabrahja rooooh 😅😘


@royadraws thanks!!


Excellent ❤️


Ahh! My favourite of them all.


So graceful




@gretaschuckert hahaha 😙




Top !!! ( parole de Valentine...:-)


@nowomannoski hahaha parole compte triple today


:O mah heart...mah soooul.....*dies




@littleevilherdraws don’t die now, the best is yet to come!


You missed her G spot... The belly, is the "heart" of a woman --and it's straight up! 💗


@amaliamarinopoulou damn’d! Do you mean that i have to do another drawing ???


@ouinesh hahaha is that a problem? You'll be only doing the thing you love and making us happy on the process... Nice work, by the way. 🔝🔝🔝








Le bel attrape oeil!


Génial !


@inespagniez huhu comment ça va?


@ouinesh mais ouais ca va, tu viens quand dis ?


Bien vu l’artiste ! 😄❤️


❤️мне очень нравится




I love love this piece <3


J'aime ça!
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