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Media by #ELMAC · BfJiW57j5nn · Likes: 3789 · Posted: 2018-02-13T20:54
Media by #ELMAC · BfJiW4rjH9v · Likes: 3789 · Posted: 2018-02-13T20:54

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13.02.18 - 20:54
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Not sure what’s happening here but will be a shame if this one is destroyed. ‘Of Our Youth’, painted in 2010 in Culver City with @retna + assistance from


.. 1st photo: @server.1028














That was the one I looked forward to when I drove to West Hollywood everyday


My favorite part of La Cienega. Hoping they keep the piece up.


I remember pulling over to take a flick with my daughter when I was in LA


@pixerella10 Hadn't Noticed The Construction


That entire area is getting developed and gentrified into yuppie art galleries. It’s spreading into west Adams and so on, sad reality :(


Sad, sad 😧....




There are people trying to make the world a beautiful place. And there is the other kind destroying it. 👎


Modern-day hieroglyphics! 👌




I hope they have the wisdom and vision to leave it be.


Looks like a good candidate for the visual arts act of 1990 😉
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