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Media by Jeremy Mann · BfJj5HhndeU · Likes: 19692 · Posted: 2018-02-13T20:56
13.02.18 - 20:56
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Jeremy Mann

Morning sketch in graphite on moleskin. Today and tomorrow are the last days to go out to any science, history, or nature museum, sketch some stuff from life, and post with your admission ticket and the tag


to win all 4 books. Since only about 20 people in all of America have entered, I’d say chances are still pretty good.







This is incredible! 👏


As a Canadian Plein air painter and instructor (who is in love with your work) I only wish “America” meant “North American” Jeremy




So beautiful!


That’s a nice drawing


Is this event just in america? :((( so sad


Will the competition be worldwild one day ?








Even if I went to the museum, I have yet to see anyone like your morning sketch model....
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