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13.02.18 - 16:55
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Ann One



@davidchoe ・・・ Our k-sis @chloekimsnow just hours before winning her first



🥇 🏂 casually tweeted she’s down for ice cream right now and that she’s getting


from not finishing her breakfast sammy - meanwhile the baby king aka K-orilla aka chef @davidchang was angrily brooding in the @nbc


cafeteria - hey Chang!! aren’t you a fkn 👨‍🍳 chef ?!¿! Our girl just won the gold medal and she’s probably still hangry she likes


,ice cream and breakfast sandwiches , fix her something to eat! - the angry k gorilla always up for a challenge stomps and pounds his way into the nbc kitchen hijacks all their tools and ingredients causing


and confusion bringing kitchen productivity to a standstill , as he mashes and bashes all of Her likes into a churro ice cream sandwich for our hero


the pride of







don’t touch that dial and stay tuned right here for the only coverage that matters, as we eat our way through these 2018 k-town


@uglydelicious coming soon


@pyeongchang2018 @pod




That sounds so good


yasssssss!!!! Mad mad love for @chloekimsnow 💖💖💖


This is so awesome! My hearts bursting with so much love for her and her family! So happy for them! The dedication and support of her dad is priceless😂😂😂tears of joy ❤❤❤❤


@efirebird68 amazingly delicious


@suziekbeauty me tooo. I love her!


@clikgram such an amazing family!
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