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Media by Aaron De La Cruz · BfIFuAzAQF7 · Likes: 280 · Posted: 2018-02-13T07:19
Media by Aaron De La Cruz · BfIFuQagiyj · Likes: 280 · Posted: 2018-02-13T07:19
13.02.18 - 07:19
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Aaron De La Cruz

first time on pegs! Man does this bring back childhood memories. I know I have been posting a lot stuff about my kids lately but the more I think about only posting pics of my work the more I feel you are only seeing a small glimpse of what I actually do. Five years ago I almost walked away from doing this "art" thing because I was scared that I couldn't be a good father and chase this dream of doing this for a living. But since my boys and now daughter entered this world it's been the exact opposite and the ability to create for a living in front of their eyes pushes me to prove it to them that it can be done. As hard as it gets to be pulled away from the studio, ignore emails and miss opportunities to link with people I believe this balance is what keeps life interesting (and drives me crazy haha). In the meantime I hope you enjoy watching my kids grow. ✊🏽



Enjoy it big homie. Its all art!






Wish I had a twin for this when I was a kid




LOVE your personal shares Aaron don’t stop❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️


I love your art and i love watching your kids! They are adorable. And this statement of you is just so inspiring! All good stuff to you 🎉


Love it, bro! Don’t stop!


I used to love pegs!!! Def keep creating....kids memories and art. You’re a natural at both!


I love this!


Just remind them too look forward at all times and avoid the rear of Ford trucks! 😉💪👍@aarondelacruz


Perfectly said brotha. I have 3 boys as well, and they gave me a new perspective on living a creative lifestyle. There are taxing moments, but it is worth it. 👌


@norman_biggs hahha. This fool bring back 1980's memories. Hit me on the DM man!


Its because you are truly an AMAZING individual and those times you have with your kids will forever be cherished . and I'm seeing the boys and P miss them terribly!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!


Btw your bag never leaves kristians side;)! Best purchase ever I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting the other one !!!


I have twins nephews and I just can’t wait till they get this age. 👍🏽🙌🏼💪🏽🙌🏼


Keep doing what you do!


Moving.❄️ 😍
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