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Media by Urban Nation Berlin · BfIC87iH92A · Likes: 1246 · Posted: 2018-02-13T06:49
13.02.18 - 06:49
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Urban Nation Berlin

Saying it with @timokamura’s Bronx Brooklyn Queens series today as we go into negotiations for equal pay!!! Ladies sometimes you gotta show that you rule and it’s not arrogant or loly or any of these words that end up labeling you if you speak up and tell it like it is and lead the way... 100 years ago Mary Morton Kimball Kehew an American Activist , Feminist and reformer changed the conditions for women’s workers and became a powerful voice in the women’s educational and industrial union and later founded the Union for industrial progress. She moved forcefully to make the union a more organized and effective social tool. To the union’s employment guidance, legal aid, and similar services she added full courses of instruction in dressmaking (1895), housekeeping (1897), but also salesmanship (1905)!! In 1905 a research department was organized to conduct thorough sociological studies of working and living conditions of women and to help formulate legislative proposals regarding hours and wages regulation, factory inspection, and consumer protection. These women left us with milestones and achievements ... let’s keep fighting for them all together for the daughters and the mothers and the wives and lovers and queens of the future !!





















So true!! And @timokamura work rocks ❤️❤️


@au_tje look a like!


Thank you! 🙏


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