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Media by Kelly McKernan · BfH_NSXjpS5 · Likes: 2510 · Posted: 2018-02-13T06:16
13.02.18 - 06:16
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Kelly McKernan

Done with the watercolor underpainting! Now onto sealing it and then glazing in fluid acrylics to further tweak colors and add additional details. I will be sharing a process post on my Patreon soon after this is done!








Algorithm boost! 🚀


Killer 🙌🏻


Looks nice!🌝 🌺


@alchemybreadco thanks!


@david_gm0 thank you!


The flowers look like silver?!?!? It's beautiful!!!!


This is turning out amazing 😍😍👌


@ellenwilbergart thanks Ellen!


@lost.gemstone.drawing thank you!


I love those colors! Beautiful ❤️


Lots of progress! 🙌🏻


God this is so good!


@jesibeans aw thank you!


@lauriemcclave thanks!


@alexlouisa_ just a bit! 🌟




Oh wow your process sounds fantastic I'll look forward to seeing this finished 😍


Beautiful 😊 Do you use some kind of varnish to protect a finished watercolor painting? I’ve been wondering since I saw you stretching the paper onto frame like canvas..


Gorgeous 💚💛💚💛💚


So beautiful, love the colors.


@lawrenalice hehe. Sorry I'm late! Should be wrapping up today. 😅💜


@jennyannart thanks!


@angelikarasmusart yep! I actually mount paper to panel now, then seal the watercolor with a spray varnish followed by brush on varnish. I have a detailed blog post on my website. 💜


@fouladesigns thanks!


@myosotis.alpestris thank you!




@kelly_mckernan I see! I’ll have a look then. Thank you 😊🙏❤️




Totally love all your artwork


@kelly_mckernan but I love itttttttt
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