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Media by ouinesh · BfGqmPPDprY · Likes: 4801 · Posted: 2018-02-12T17:57
12.02.18 - 17:57
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one more line please







Random question: it looks like you do these with water color, but have you ever used copic markers? You seem like you'd use them well.




Trop belle et si pinup 😍😍😍




@karinestaderart difficile de faire plus classique : )


@theobaldkyle i used copic or pantone markers a lot back in the days when i wanted to emulate tanino Liberatore’s incredible creations. In fact, i did comic books with that technique here in France...


@ouinesh that's so cool! Thank you for replying


love your work !


That line work on the bikini


what do you use to color these? they are gorgeous!


They are all really good but this is my favorite so far!


@ghoulwise it’s color ink called ECOLINE.
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