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Media by Stormie Mills · BfDUUqJDVbs · Likes: 577 · Posted: 2018-02-11T10:44

▼ Metro Gallery

11.02.18 - 10:44
❤ 577

Stormie Mills

Change is not impossible, it's inevitable. It’s not just reflected in the dissolution of a life trap but people change in basic ways all the time. Change can happen when we believe, when we make a conscious decision to change, when we learn from the past, it is however important that we remember to be forgiving & gentle with ourselves in the process. _ "Empathic self-confrontation"" _











Love this fun colourful image Stormie x


Love your work Stormie 👌






beautiful words @stormiemills


OMG.... love this touch of 💓


@elhornet prints feel too mass produced for me, I feel paintings are more individual; like us


Love the colour palette


@ashahliyah stormie dropping knowledge




Colour & knowledge 👀 so nice & enjoyable change of art! Hope it’s going well to expectations 👌💛


So very much I would like some of your art! ❤️👌


I just love you!! 💗💗💗


@domlourie thank you 🖤


@gav_healy thank you. Hope you’re doing well!


@malvinastone 🙏


@pixelshifter3 thank you


@harryandgretel 🙏


@tanya_hancock something different 🙏


@ourriotousdefects 🙏


@van_mort thank you - there’s been lots of positive feedback


@sleeva 🙏 email and she will be able to assist you


@stormiemills Awesome! Thank you!
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