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Media by Troy Lovegates · Bf69KiEnki5 · Likes: 745 · Posted: 2018-03-05T01:19
05.03.18 - 01:19
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Troy Lovegates

Carousel... another idea I am pushing to get up on a wall somewhere this summer ... been learning to draw more from my mind and dreams these last years ... feels like much more of an accomplishment when I am not referencing a photo ...



So neat😊






These rule, that guy on the right looks like you. Not easy to work off the dome... Tag @sakura so they send you some gear ;-) they should before you switch to muji pens!


That’s killer!!




Love this 👍


So rad. Tshirts please!


Love this one dude


Damn, love to see this as a sculpture.


Love it


@troy_lovegates what is your process for drawing from your dreams?


Stellar as usual




@relishtoday I second this idea


@true2death @relishtoday if I only had the time !


@outerspaceart I was thinking of that but it would take months to carve need to find some mega-philanthropist for that one


@directorjoe the other night I dreamt I was hopping trains with my son and we were pulling into Portland ... I was super nervous about being caught because I felt they would take my son away ... their were a bunch of junkies selling melted freezies as the train passed by some encampment... all my best friends were sleeping in the open boxcar ... stuff like that I wish I could draw only can take clips of the whole experience


Dope, that’s an inspiring idea


I can imagine getting that detail and the hollowed out areas would be tricky. Looking forward to more #noreference.


@troy_lovegates totally! That’s awesome!


Looks like you in the right.


Looks like you on the right side. 😎


Yes, that needs to go up somewhere in some form. Nice 1 man
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