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02.03.18 - 18:12
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Greg "Craola" Simkins



. Here’s a flashback to a few years ago and the painting “alWAIs Watching” . I know it’s spelled wrong;) I am super grateful to my favorite band @thedeadships for letting me use their song


for the edit of this video. Do your ears a favor and follow them and also have a great weekend!











made with @trekell_art_supplies





That's is just simply fantastically, superbly outstandingly amazing haha. Great job




I wanna own one of your pieces so bad. Love the work


😮. I want this. 🙌🏽




I kinda wish you were a tattoo artist too so i could get ur art tattoed lol




Omg I love this piece and every single piece you've ever made ☺️💗🇨🇦


Dude, you are out of your MFing mind. So so talented.




...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn Greg!? This is absolutely impressive. (*Pick my jaw up off the floor over here. There ya go. Nobody saw that.)




This looks so rad




I live and admire your work.


Give me your. Company @drake






@porky_toons OMG😍😍😍




What the lol just even happened🔥


This weed laced for sure




Beautiful work ☝


We love this!


@steve.quinny.quinn @killa_coombes


@craigwilsontattoos 👌🏻




Dope 🔥🔥🔥


This is my screensaver 😏
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