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Media by MadC · BeiXhqNn6Ab · Likes: 3102 · Posted: 2018-01-29T15:37
29.01.18 - 15:37
❤ 3102



@44309gallery ・・・ 11-03-19112017 by @mad_c1 , on display @44309gallery as part of her solo show "DAYDREAMING" //






















So awesome!




Nice colors and lines!




wwwwhaat? ( ;




Nice work 💪🏽👍🏽


O my lolin wow!


jucy !🎈




lol yeah 💥




@burnin_bridges_chattanooga 😍


@tinamarie424 😉


@framinggalleryofgrossepointe Your work has come so far! The lays are incredible! I could almost climb into the piece.


@framinggalleryofgrossepointe Thank you! Hope we work together again one day


@framinggalleryofgrossepointe ***layers




Looks super stunning! Keep up the work 🤭🔥👌🏼


How we buy prints ?




Love your art I'm a fanatic of your work


Hello 😊 It’s Nicoletta from “Noa Noa Art Residency” in Bali. “Noa Noa“ is an prize created to host international artists from all over the world. We offer to our artists in residence: - flight tickets - accommodation in villa + art studio - materials - group show in Bali - group show in Italy I suggest you to check our website:, and if you need more info you can write me: Thank you. Ps:Application deadline: 31st March 2018!


These colors are so sick!
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