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Media by Emil Pytlik · BebtCf1nJpy · Likes: 436 · Posted: 2018-01-27T01:31
27.01.18 - 01:31
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Emil Pytlik

It would be fun to just get to k ow all of you personally and become friends than hashtags on social media. . tomorrow @etctattoo opens it's new location and i am so proud to be a part of this new place.


. But i will never forgive myself for not thinking about making a time-lapse of the process we went through. . O well i guess.. tbe important thing is it's finally gonna be done! Final touches .


. i am finally on track. Happier than i thought possible. Now all i need is to give YOU your new favorite tattoo. If it doesn't light up your eyes, we're not doing it. Keep trying with new projects. If you don't love the design, i can't give you it. 😊😊😊 . Wow. What a year this is already





@aquiresville haha


@aquiresville thanks Roger ;) just a doodle. But had fun nonetheless ;)




@aquiresville crazy is more fun than normal ;p


@ugly_black_dragon uuuuh


I really love your art style. I love the detail and the sharp defined lines of all your pieces, and the creativity and weirdness of all your creations is something that I aspire to replicate. Keep doing what you do!!!! Its awesome.


@brainysheep66 thank You! It's funny: my "style" was created like 2 years ago out of the blue. Hadnt been drawing for yeeeeears. And when i previously drew i used only a pencil. One day i just got fed of of lol and decided to draw again. But was bored of using a pencil so tried a pen. This is a rather freshly baked style for me, but im having fun with it ;D


Fed up*


@emilpytlik Well it’s definitely original! I love drawing with ink pens and I especially love the white and black on the sugar grey paper. So your style really inspires me.


@brainysheep66 its amazing to hear i am an inspiration. Really nice feeling ;)


@emilpytlik πŸ‘Œ
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