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Media by TWISTED ink · BeblWlNH1St · Likes: 310 · Posted: 2018-01-27T00:23
27.01.18 - 00:23
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I haven't had too much time to draw recently. There's a couple cool things stewing up 🤞 But it's all for a good cause. And soon i will for the first time in my life REALLY have time to slow down and not worry. A decent income, and a not a day more spent at "WORK". I have been given the privilege to create. And i love every moment of it. Having the opportunity to fully express what your head invisions when you take a ride in your imagination. I truly am grateful for everything i have and everything i am given by life. Sometimes i find it so strange to understand why it is so difficult for the world to live in peace. And i have come to the conclusion, that they will. It is coming. People just can't believe it's possible yet. As soon as they see it around them, thwy will. I try to be that person, who reaches out a helping hand. I love helping others. It's never in veign. Everyone deserves a smile. . Anyway; here's the drawing i last had time to draw for the fuque of it (pardon my french) .



#tldr #bekind 😊


🙏❤️🙌🙌🙌give peace a chance


@macbibby13_ir paradise on earth is coming. No more war. People will finally understand one day, that in order for it to work, we all need to believe it.


@macbibby13_ir it is a bit of an endless circle where you need one for the other. But it will come ;)
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