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Media by Soten · Be_ZidTFeAg · Likes: 948 · Posted: 2018-02-09T22:13
09.02.18 - 22:13
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190$ for crossing a red light on a bike🤬🤬🤬 New York you motherloler!



And then a couple of yrs ago for going the wrong way on a beach cruiser. I had to go to court. The judge read my chargers out loud. Everyone laughed and the judge. She dismissed it as long as promised not to do it again


that cold


lol, you should have run








Pretty damn sad!




Bad boyyyyyyy


Which one was it?


At least you didn’t get hit by a car


So they weren't sure if you biked or skated 🤣




1st Avenue NYC ? 😁 Don't jump the 🚦 red next to the 🍩 donut stalls! 😁


@erencanarmagan biliyom aq bizimde biraz ingilizcemiz var qğclsşcjwpckf


@xmeskone helallw




@sliderbandits I cry muhahaha hahahaha.


Ny be like that lmao,money hungry lols,but them dirty dogs tho






So lame.


Yea thats whack I would fight that yo".... All my life being born and raised from there I aint never heard of that....whats next "Jay Walkin",.....they Buggin".... Yo suhn honestly fight that yo', bless


Should have told them your name was banksy and to let you go 😂😂😂😂


Same in Munich... 220€ 🖕🏼


Ba ba ba bulllol ....


My friend recently crossed on a red.... he’s now dead. Better to get a ticket than lose your life. #ripasid


@mr_tensoe2 🤣🤣🤣


@mr_tensoe2 fuuuuuck that let's go kick some more windows in to make up for it


Det bliver sagt til Marianne😄vi har også prøvet det😫
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