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Media by Jeff Soto · BeEu7NEl3nM · Likes: 223 · Posted: 2018-01-18T03:25

▼ Cal Skate Grand Terrace

18.01.18 - 03:25
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Jeff Soto

Skate class for the kids... I wonder what this place was like in the 70-80's? I remember having a lot of fun at the skating rink in junior high.... I could skate pretty fast in my youth!




@calskategt @jenyso



My wife worked there in high school


Dave's California skate was your brothers and I spot on Friday nights.


I loved skating rinks! Back in my day (oh man I sound like anold biddy 😂) we skated on the asphalt in the streets!


the best!


Shoot I still skate!!


Place actually hasn’t changed a bit since the 80’s when I spent many years there. My dads diesel actually got tagged on across the street after a huge fight that happened with shots fired. He used to park there cuz we couldn’t park near the house due to city law.


At 6 years old i was faster than junior high boys . lol it was crazy i was so good at it when i was younger really wish it was pursued .


Roller city is still open?? I thought it closed


@skasmic I'm not sure, this is CalSkate in Grand Terrace, I just hash tagged Rollercity cause I used to skate there.


Oooooh ok, I used to skate at roller city too when I was a kid. Fun times!


Loma Vista alumni


Dang good memories there!
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