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Media by Melissa Hiebert · BeEiJ4xlJJk · Likes: 20 · Posted: 2018-01-18T01:33
18.01.18 - 01:33
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Melissa Hiebert


“A GAME OF STRATEGY” ••• I love that Molly’s story features many great supporting characters who all help her on her journey. I really love her friendship with Phillip. He always has her back and is a huge catalyst for her success. The section of the book where he teaches her how to play and understand the philosophy of Poker is a favorite for me. I think she is my age by this moment. My Grandpa actually taught me when I was a young girl, and we played a round. He told me I would make a good player, but I told him “Nah, it moves too slow for me.” My Grandpa was one of the best players. He was a blue collar man who would play with his buddies in the evenings. He won most of the time and always took home good amounts of cash. This drawing is dedicated to him teaching me how to play. ❤️ Thus far I have been fully confident in every acting, composition, and storytelling decision. Today I almost floundered and changed my composition and pose and approach to this (though I didnt really want to) but @immollybloom was so encouraging when she said my original little sketch of her looked good. 😍🤩 I will always have that drive to make each drawing better, with capturing her mannerisms and features and how she felt in each moment she describes so vividly. I can’t wait to start coloring again tomorrow and drafting more pieces that are in my head!!!











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