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Media by aaronhorkey · BeEUGffFRsu · Likes: 11695 · Posted: 2018-01-17T23:30
17.01.18 - 23:30
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Genghis Tron study (detail), pencil & white out on photocopy, 2008. ⚔️⚔️⚔️ This skeletal blueprint/compositional guide was part of the laborious process of piecing together a screenprinted record release/tour poster for the dearly departed GT. This part of the job is equal parts frustrating and fun as I attempt to push my misfiring Neanderthal brain through a series of mechanical tasks until something resembling a “successful” picture emerges from the mess.










this is something great!


Incredible work!


So good!!!




Ernst Haeckel would appreciate this


Love it!




Hoooooow ?






This study is just out of this world 😮 😍 🔥 ✨ 🌸 😍😍😍


Amazing work






This was the first of your prints I actually managed to buy in a sale and the first I got to look at in person. So great.


Just exquisite!!!


Brilliant! Looks like a hell amount of work


I have the final print in my dining room. Without a doubt one of my favorites.


I didn`t know you worked with them. So cool when things come together like that.




I miss that band. #GenghisTron rocked!


@otis_chamberlain loling amazing band!


@dunklife how much? 🤩😂😎




Reminds me of thistle.


Thanks for letting us in on your process. Looks like even the very best of us still have to struggle to get an image to emerge. Inspiring. Much appreciated.


Worlds within worlds




Intense. Excellent work


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