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Media by Ken Flewellyn · BeB1yjqD5Cm · Likes: 223 · Posted: 2018-01-17T00:27
17.01.18 - 00:27
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Ken Flewellyn

2018 is kickin off:  I'm being featured on Artist A Day! It is awesome to be among so many talented artists they have recognized, thanks for the support. Definitely follow on IG & @artistaday on Twitter for other great artwork. 🎨



. . . . . . . .
















Come to Vegas. Lets do hip hop geisha Vegas edition


Freakin' awesome! 🔥 Would you mind letting me know your thoughts on some of my art 🙏


Killing it! ❤✌








I'm looking for talented artists. We would like to present your art on our 1340art profile page? 😊 If interested, please follow the link in our bio for more information






Run em


Such a beautiful @kenflewellyn. One of my favorite RTJ tribute.


Got damn Run dem Jewels fast! @killermike @thereallyrealelp @runthejewels


So nice
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