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Media by TWISTED ink · Be3rMSunxsu · Likes: 589 · Posted: 2018-02-06T22:13
06.02.18 - 22:13
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Life is a funny thing. It doesn't wait until you are ready. It doesn't care if you just need a minute more. . I finally feel like things are taking a positive turn in life. And besides the complete lack of money, my life has never been more on track. I've never felt closer to reaching my dreams. . But "not having money is the root of all evil" and i guess "soon" is too late. . I really wish it weren't. I really wish things could finally work out. O well. . My head just slowly falls back down and i continue on my endless march for a stable life. .




Well, good like mate, everything has an end. PS: i like the way you put instructions on your sketches 👌👌


Just you saying that feels me with hope dude

@emilpytlik they're just notes for later ;)

@emilpytlik but i never really get back to any of them. I think the problem is that i take too many notes hah. Too many ideas, too little time


@eojera i'm glad i could give you hope ;) although i'm a bit surprised that this gave it to you. It's not much of a motivational post hehe


Trzymam kciuki!!


@emilpytlik that's the problem that tires out all artists ...


What happened I can't like your picture

@emilpytlik dzieki stary. Stracilem wlasnie cierpliwosc. Czas zaczac naprawde napierdalac rekoma i nogami o to


@joggaloggcogg its just life.. it just is that way.

@emilpytlik its not tiring me out. Its great rbat i have so many ideas. I just need to finally monetize it all... but it seems im not the best at that


jestem fanką, trzymam kciuki i w ogóle sztos! priv ;)
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