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Media by aaronhorkey · BdySFsNBPjQ · Likes: 4578 · Posted: 2018-01-10T23:26
10.01.18 - 23:26


Gross Flotsam, mixed media on assorted surfaces, 2010-2017.










YOooo!! Me and my daughter are super into pangolins. I just made one out of Fimo modeling clay a few weeks ago!


Love the texture and colour on the print of this, loving the sketch too


Please! Can you give tips about mechanical pencil leads or pencil hardness? Or whatever tip will be ok from a master




Oh! Love the pangolin


I envy your skills


Pure Pangolin love 休休




@monkeypokes aaaaa pangolin boi!!!


@missshelleymarie w/ the Pangolin!?



Do you at first draw your pieces with pencil?



Cool, man


@ricardosaga checate a este vato!



Have you read about the pangolin men? The guys that are protecting some of the last ones in existence? Pretty rad


@dgmyt nice!!


Coolest animal around!
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