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10.01.18 - 18:21
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Greg "Craola" Simkins

“Blackberry” box set for my self titled new book.


Painted with @trekell_art_supplies on wood panel. Book published by @zeropluspublishing and box sets made possible through @kpprojectsgallery ! Who’s going to the @laartshow









... BOOK available at my profile link✌️😁





Where can I buy a book?


Awesome book Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤫


Simply fantastic work as always.🔥👍😀


@455er_cbs #californiabunnysociety


@felix_el_gato21 thanks for asking. The book is available at my profile link or


@ditchpup presh


Yo! Happen to know the name of this song???


@the_art_of_victory the original piece is by Eric Satie called Gnossiennes (this is the #1 out of 4). But I don’t know who (which artist) made this version !!!


@artofkha thanks I’ll start diggin.


I would like to buy your used paint tray how much price is of no concern and do you take credit cards


Is your art being shown?




This is amazing. Do you get your blending using the dry brush technique? I'm asking because I struggle with it lol


@the_art_of_victory my pleasure !! 👍🏻




@craola omg u have some amazing work love your art ❤️


Is that a portrait of your wife? #rememberhavefun


What shape brush do you use?


@ghbales yup:)


Super cool


Love seeing these vids in my timeline!! Amazing 😍🙌🏼


So cute!!! About how long did that little bunbun take? I'm always curious when I see time lapse


What soundtrack is this?


@freshco_beats @craola


@freshco_beats partly watership down soundtrack


@craola brilliant. I was having music block. Inspired


I just can't find that piano part


Lovely stuff!


@freshco_beats gosh, I need to look through my files, it was a last minute pull from something I had. I’ll look tomorrow when I’m in my studio:)


@showchicken thank you🙏
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