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Media by Rone · BdrYlsNHQBH · Likes: 5845 · Posted: 2018-01-08T07:10
Media by Rone · BdrYlyonXew · Likes: 5845 · Posted: 2018-01-08T07:10
Media by Rone · BdrYl1CHVHB · Likes: 5845 · Posted: 2018-01-08T07:10
Media by Rone · BdrYl11HvDY · Likes: 5845 · Posted: 2018-01-08T07:10

▼ Cementies Hill

08.01.18 - 07:10
❤ 5845


Final pics of the Geelong Silos. Thanks so much to all who came by while I was working on them!




Thanks to @genfyansford @icdproperty —- Thanks @taubmans for the paint










@kaydi88 you gotta look at this guys work. It's amazing




@andrew_binsiar_ you need to go bigger with your paintings like this unc xx


@boxcar63 @boxcar @aggie.lim @nandinib


Incredible artwork!!


@glenniebean legend!


Amazing work. Knew nothing about it but my kids were captivated by the 'big faces' when we drove past. It motivated me to look it up. Incredible scale!


Who are these people ?


You are seriously so talented @r_o_n_e !! I wish I lived nearer so I could see this IRL. 💜 Amazing!! 💜


Love your work!! 😀💕😀💕


@jshanaberger Have a look at the other posts. 😀


I drove past that two days ago and I told my mum that one day I want to be that talented


We drove past this a couple of weeks ago. What an amazing site! Thank you! 🙅


@drainos3228 💓💓




I saw this one the other day and I couldn’t stop looking. Sooooooooo goood. Your art is inspiring! It vibrates by itself! Thanks 🙏🏼✨


Saw them the other day from the freeway.. fantastic...


@miriam_dreaming2018 im scared of heights..😂


Saw it today! It looks amazing!😊


We saw these @kelseyhiggins95




Mint 🔥⭐️


@jeromecatz 😲😍😍😍




just R E M 🅰️R K 🅰️ B L E 🔝❣️






@kiera.ell THESE ARE SO GOOD


Hey @r_o_n_e I'm a tour guide is often driving past with tourist that always ask me who the portraits are of? I haven't been able to find it out, so I'll ask, who are the people featured?
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