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08.01.18 - 01:58
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Sarai Anne✨

Sunday night vibes😊✨. Ready for the Golden Globes.




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Perfect spot


@collectedhome one very happy😻!




I so wish my house had a fireplace. 😢




Love the eames chair!!


That looks cozy!💓


😍. Perfect spot to watch the Globes!! Seth Meyers was SO funny!!😄. So happy that Mrs. Maisel won too!!


@stussiluquedesign Super cozy😊✨


@thebakesmith 🔥😊✨


@fluxmodern We are lucky to have both a wood burning fireplace and gas😊✨


@ny_small_spaces The fire was so cozy😊✨


@jeff_teal Thanks! It's a Plycraft Lounge Chair.


@wildwoodmodern Oprah's speech was outstanding 💖




@sarai__anne I got chills!!




@lisa.benko Thank you Lisa😊✨


@bernhardtgl So cozy😊💫
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