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04.01.18 - 21:41
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Eric Scales

A super quick


sketch .













As a child I both hated and loved Launchpad. And now I adore people like him.


Do you use an iPad to do your digital drawings?


@lauriejenk007 yes the ipad pro and Procreate app


"sketch" ;) This is amazing!






Love how the new cartoon makes my boy ask questions about the original. Looks great!


Okay, so using Procreate a lot lately. How do you record a video without it showing you zooming in and out on your work the whole time? Love this! And I’m loving using procreate.


@widemanillustrations Procreate will automatically record the timelaps video as long as you have that option selected. It only shows the brushstrokes and layer changes but doesnt show zooming or palettes or anything like that


@ericscales13, Thank you!! πŸ‘πŸ»


@ericscales13 Nice! Looking forward to your Labrynth sketches too!


That’s so great!!!
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