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Media by James Jean · BdicYyaF2fL · Likes: 6907 · Posted: 2018-01-04T19:48
04.01.18 - 19:48
❤ 6907

James Jean










I don’t think you are watching him. I think he is watching you.


-_- do a piece like this photo please




Great shot. Could it be offending sometimes?




Iphone x shot?


Around the world every bus is the same with tired people going places.


Great Great Shot @jamesjeanart


I get stared at on every transit system I go on. In japan it was so intense that it sent me into a pancreatic attack from anxiety haha. I still love it there. I wish I could high five you for how amazing your art is. But this comment will do! -high five-




It’s actually super rude to take pictures of people without their consent there. The Japanese are very private people and don’t like being recorded. In all honestly it’s terrible bad manners to be on your phone on public transit but that’s changing.


This picture makes me sad


@jdmacdonaldart thanks for whitesplaining what Japanese like and don't like. Do you live here? Do you even know what photography is?




@seanmarclee arigato you are great photos


Dream destination🇯🇵


@suica_chan_2000 どういたしまして






Some times is like that




Amazing work! 💖✨


Really enjoyed your podcast at we eat art. @jamesjeanart 😎👍


Why the fuk you taking me a piccccc




Love this photo ❤️


Such a lovely shot!
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