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Media by Craig Gleason πŸ”ͺ · Bd_4klCj96Z · Likes: 1649 · Posted: 2018-01-16T06:13
16.01.18 - 06:13
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Craig Gleason πŸ”ͺ

Saw a bizarro me and Bridget at target. (Smile you’re on Craig Cam)






The wet floor sign guy is even busting a pose like one of your drawings. Twilight zone as heck.


Is it wrong that I want Bizarro Craig 2 slip on the wet floor?


Looks like me cosplaying as you. Bizarro Bridget is Ash on Dio’s shoulders while wearing a trench coat.




lester and eliza from that one simpsons episode


Greg and Bridgette??




Banana film creates and alternative dimension. I saw it on twilight zone...maybe Black mirror. One of those things. Anyway, weather is good here. We aren't dead yet.


That’s crag Gibson, founder of the good friends pub.


Bizarro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


Seeing your doppelganger is bad luck, man!


Looks like someone is gonna slip hehehe You and Bridget are unique πŸ‘


Why are you guys expecting a flood? :)


@augustathurmond goppledanger


Such empty shelves


Wow. Imagine that.




Some unripe ass bananas


The return of Craig Camera, finally.




because it is... bizarro


bootlegs!! lol


You were supposed to kill the timeline is all out of whack


Scrappy craig


Did you kill them? I think I read somewhere that you need to kill your doppelgangers.


That triangular banana on the floor looks weird


I think you should draw Bizarro Craig and Bridget




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