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Media by aaronhorkey · BdT0Cg6l-HM · Likes: 6649 · Posted: 2017-12-30T03:26
30.12.17 - 03:26
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Croatoan (detail), acrylic on bubinga, 2007. ⚡️🥚⚡️









Absolutely beautiful Aaron


You are a legend!


Fiat lux


The amount of detail is just painfully beautiful!!!


The detail on this is insane. The wood grain type effect above the castle is so life like it’s nuts. You almost believe it is wood


@cripplethreat on the painting, it is real wood.


@morepeanutbutter well now I feel dumb haha. I never saw the OG. Either way it’s a great paint. I’m happy I finally own the print


@cripplethreat no way man! It is an amazing effect on the print.


Wow. Incredible. Colors pop.


I thought it was a real photo of welding🙏




Good Lord.


Bubinga. BUH BING UH. buhBINGa BUHbeeeengahhhBAHBINGUGH


Sooooo good.


Magical stuff 🙏✨🙏🔥🖤🖤⚔️


Stoked when it was released as a print, even more stoked when I eventually got one, beautiful work


Stunning work! 💜


Gawd damn!


Whoa, take it easy man! Amazing


Amazing work!


Amazing ✌️




Your work is even more stunning in color! Just wow.


This is 🥜!


Incredible work Aaron.


Lord almighty. Such great detail!


It has such a great look, omg.. the colours, the details, the texture!! 10/10 would like this picture again.




dope @davidjayc


Lovely work😊
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