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Media by Takashi Murakami · Bd59rHOHQWi · Likes: 6341 · Posted: 2018-01-13T23:02

▼ Kaikai Kiki Gallery

13.01.18 - 23:02
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Takashi Murakami

@michinara3 Kaikai Kiki Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of Yololomo Nara (b. 1959), one of the finest artists representing contemporary Japan. We will be presenting two solo exhibitions of his work in 2018 at our gallery space in Motoazabu, Tokyo, as well as featuring his work at our special solo exhibition booth at Art Basel Hong Kong. (Incidentally, 2018 is Kaikai Kiki Gallery's tenth anniversary milestone!) Although our artistic expressions manifest themselves differently, Nara and I agree that we share spirituality as artists. At Kaikai Kiki Gallery, then, we plan to present his work in a way the artist finds unique among his commercial galleries; one in which Nara looks back on his own trajectory so far and reaffirms his core values as an artist. For the past thirty-odd years since his debut in 1984, Nara has been standing firm in the art scene with his unique position, carrying on his dialogues with people all over the world using his distinctive grammar. While it is his work’s proximity to Japanese manga and kawaii culture that is often noted, he has in fact been cultivating empathy with people from all walks of life through his profound knowledge of music and its grammar, East and West alike. As a result, he has a wide fan base that includes those who are not particularly familiar with art in addition to hard core art aficionados. His popularity in Asia is especially tremendous, and its powerful effect can be observed in heated auction results. As though finding the overheated market distasteful, however, in the past few years Nara has avoided public appearances and his recent style indicates his increasing withdrawal into his own world. Having said that, in November 2017 he opened N’s YARD, an exhibition space that showcases, among other things, his own work as well as his cherished collections and records, in Nasushiobara, a resort area in central Japan, and is starting to explore a newly distinctive style of communication. ←part 1





OMG #dreamteam ❤️






Fantastic artist. Bravo. Serge








A good way to beat the resellers is to give away free art. Start with me ;-)


@leetheloopylobster looks dope!


Great news 🙌🏽


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