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Media by Caitlin Hackett · Bd3fCaih69j · Likes: 7786 · Posted: 2018-01-12T23:56
12.01.18 - 23:56
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Caitlin Hackett

I’m taking a little time to get back to work on this 23” by 30” Sphinx Cat piece, a personal project I’ve had on the back burner for a while now



You're doing a great job :)




Why one human hand and one cat paw? :o


Ps this is amazing


Get it girl!!! Hope you are feeling better


@lindsay.joudrey I’m always interested in breaking down the boundaries between humans and animals in order to better represent our connection to them. I often use human limbs or human masks to represent how we are linked


@caitlin_hackett love it! I hope one day to have your level of talent !


This piece looks amazing! You've inspired my work over the past years 😄


Nailed it!


What I wouldn't give to just watch you bring an idea to life 😍 really and truly, your work speaks to me on a whole different level. I always do a double take when I see a new piece from you, and my eyes just devour the fine details. The perfect marriage of realism and surrealism. 💖




I love the details you pack into each peice, like the cat's paw turning into a hand


I love Sphynx!!!


I need this for reasons


Nice work🌹




I love this already!!!


Your feed inspires me constantly! I love the details in your lines especially. Thank you for sharing your amazing work :)

@caitlin_hackett aw thank you! 💗


Beautiful ❣
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