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Media by Griz and Norm Lemay · Bcz82-UD3P_ · Likes: 2538 · Posted: 2017-12-17T18:28
17.12.17 - 18:28
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Griz and Norm Lemay

Which one should I color next?








The diamonds. Festive for a 60’s tree ornament.


Ohhh I like the Cinderella shoe piece!


Bow ties!


Bow ties are cool!


Bowwww tiiiees!


The bowties!


bottom left!




The shoes! 👠




Bow ties!!!




Save the bowties for last 👌




the ties!!


I need these for my closet


The sassy shoes of course.


Bow ties!


I'm a rebel. I say jump around between them! ✍️😸otherwise I say the bottom left one. 😽


Bow ties
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