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Media by Kimpton Sawyer Hotel · BcvAk2Gg_IP · Likes: 402 · Posted: 2017-12-15T20:24
15.12.17 - 20:24
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Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

Welcome to the neighborhood, @punchbowlsocial! β € β € πŸ“·: @docosacramento β €








#DowntownSacramento #Sacramento #VisitSacramento #DOCO #TravelandLeisure #KimptonHotels #Kimpton #KimptonSawyer #KimptonHotel #SacramentoProud #Golden1Center #Sacramento365 β €


Can’t wait to check out what amazingness @rockskilove is bringing to the table at @punchbowlsocial




Very cool signage! I'm sure it looks even better lit up!


I need to get downtown!!!


Thanks neighbor!


welcome to Sacramento!..looking forward to visit




I've heard so many good things already! Sounds fun!


Oooo! How exciting. We loved visiting this past week and need to come back!
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