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Media by Li-Hill · BctWaKYAgd0 · Likes: 1455 · Posted: 2017-12-15T04:56
15.12.17 - 04:56
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Getting there.....❄️ Also don't be fooled by my non-real time posting. This is a culmination of about 4 days of blissful hard labor. Captured by @stellabella824 with @st_artnow






Looking too sick. Hard work paying off for sure.. 🙏🏽


Well wicked


Just drive past that tonight!


Thought of you!




Non real time posting 😭






Turned out so rad 🙌🏻🙌🏻


On a whole other level 🙏


Fantastic work!


Super awesome amazing work !!!!


Like a baws...looks killer bro!






@rodainadrawsstuff diese werke sind sooooo toll 💙




Pushing Styles Bravo 👑💦🔦🔦


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