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Media by allchrome · Bcr5d1jnXIY · Likes: 6710 · Posted: 2017-12-14T15:24
14.12.17 - 15:24
❤ 6710


✨👽I WANT TO BELIEVE👽✨. Lets get it in 2018. Space traveling with @styledontsleep and @ruste_bee📸














That K is lolin tuuuffff




I want to know .




How many cans of chrome do you go thru each spot on average? @allchrome


Come on down you big pussies??? 😂😂


@flatlinegrindtime not many less than 12. That’s the magic of chrome


I can only imagine what would happen if they made light weight little giants


@sprayersclub 😬😬😬Endless possibilities


Free education. This is tough!!💪🏻💪🏻






@allchrome I Believe.. that is a military radar plane! 😂😂💯💯


@its_about_time_sum1 Oh lol. I wish they would have air dropped us some water. They kept doing fly byes. A bit sketch. 😬


@allchrome yeah it looks hot out there! Send and S.O.S in the sand they might but they're definitely watching you guys! Stay safe bro!


Wooow what a picture!!!!👏


Love it


Big pussies, Hell yea! Where they at!






Damn go big or go home ey


📷 dope


Pretty sure that that's a V-22 Osprey. Was there a military base near? Or just some coincidence?


They are about to drop down some intergalactic styles on you guys


Nyce shot hopefully that plane doesn't have one of its man malfunctions


@vortex_street1 They must have circled us 15 times. lol was hectic


Impressive to say the least. Now i understand that come on down sentence ; d


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