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Media by allchrome · Bcr5d1jnXIY · Likes: 6719 · Posted: 2017-12-14T15:24
14.12.17 - 15:24
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✨👽I WANT TO BELIEVE👽✨. Lets get it in 2018. Space traveling with @styledontsleep and @ruste_bee📸














That K is lolin tuuuffff




I want to know .




How many cans of chrome do you go thru each spot on average? @allchrome


Come on down you big pussies??? 😂😂


@flatlinegrindtime not many less than 12. That’s the magic of chrome


I can only imagine what would happen if they made light weight little giants


@sprayersclub 😬😬😬Endless possibilities


Free education. This is tough!!💪🏻💪🏻






@allchrome I Believe.. that is a military radar plane! 😂😂💯💯


@its_about_time_sum1 Oh lol. I wish they would have air dropped us some water. They kept doing fly byes. A bit sketch. 😬


@allchrome yeah it looks hot out there! Send and S.O.S in the sand they might but they're definitely watching you guys! Stay safe bro!


Wooow what a picture!!!!👏


Love it


Big pussies, Hell yea! Where they at!
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