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Media by DEFER · BcqoNdigLIw · Likes: 818 · Posted: 2017-12-14T03:34
14.12.17 - 03:34
❤ 818


Kinda looks like a painting....



pretty good hotdogs too


Just scrolling through I thought it was a GTA screenshot haha


I can think of almost anywhere in Boyle heights, East Los or Monterey Park that got better food than pinks.


@benballer Of course Cuz, just took a wannabe artistic photo.


Pinks, pink sky.


It does!! Beautiful pink moment!!


Crazy that there isn't a line


@deferk2s anything you do is artistic, brother


Wea you stay boss miss you


Pinks pink! Pretty rad


Did you smile 😃


Dope pic
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