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Media by John Casey · BcnwO7GFLzw · Likes: 127 · Posted: 2017-12-13T00:47
Media by John Casey · BcnwO-DFKMm · Likes: 127 · Posted: 2017-12-13T00:47

▼ Talon Gallery

13.12.17 - 00:47
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John Casey

Sculpture for the “Little Utopias” show opening Saturday 12/16 at @talongallery in Portland. Contact the gallery for pricing and availability. Some great artists in this show, wish I could be there. MaddAddam & Evve 16” x 15” x 8” Epoxy clay and paint 2017 Piggrinny 13” x 12” x 4” Epoxy clay and paint 2017 One of the aspects of author Margret Atwood’s speculative fiction trilogy “MaddAddam,” is the aggressive practice of bio-engineering by large multinational corporations like HelthWyzer and later RejoovenEsence which produce a plethora of hybridized creatures and invented species. In my art practice I regularly explore imaginary bio-morphology. So, inspired by MaddAddam animal inventions such as Pigoons and Rakunks and humanoid inventions like the Crakers, I took my bio creations to the extreme with my sculptures “MaddAddam & Evve” and “Piggrinny.”








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