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Media by Noela Ollenburg · BchpgjlBtd7 · Likes: 41 · Posted: 2017-12-10T15:52
10.12.17 - 15:52
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Noela Ollenburg

×chart× SWIMWEAR... this is one of three great little charts I have found. This, didn't realise how many styles of swimmers until I found this... hahaha 1/3 @Regrann from @grizandnorm - Happy Tuesday!!! It's always swimsuit season when you live in SoCal.











#chart #swimwear #teaching #onepiece #bikini


#fauxkini #halter #oneshoulder #vintage #keyhole #bandeau #triangle #sidetie #bustier #tankini #boyshort #ruched #regram


#fromnoelasshoppe #shoppeteach


Swimsuit for every season and body shape


So many different styles! I love the skirted look


If only there were a company that allowed you to choose a design from a chart like this and then choose your own fabric so you can design your own individual swimsuit of choice!


Those ballerina bikini look very cute 😍


its a lot when you start thinking about it, Never realised so many styles!!


Oh cool I love knowing all the different style names!


what a gorgeous little chart so many designs I had no idea


oh my - women's clothing is more complicated and comprehensive then I imagined


So many styles! So great to see them in a chart like this! Thankyou


I didn't realise there were so many designs


Oh wow who knew there was that many options.


So many options! One for all beautiful body types too!


@modelcampau check this out.


Wow so many styles 💞


This is fab! It's hard for non-fashion minded people to explain what styles they like. This is a wonderful cheat for them :)
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