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Media by Isaac Cordal · Bcco7CvAT3Z · Likes: 2690 · Posted: 2017-12-08T17:16
Media by Isaac Cordal · Bcco7OYgj1r · Likes: 2690 · Posted: 2017-12-08T17:16
Media by Isaac Cordal · Bcco7Ihg0r- · Likes: 2690 · Posted: 2017-12-08T17:16

▼ Miami, Florida

08.12.17 - 17:16
❤ 2690

Isaac Cordal

GAME OF THRONES // I had time to make a quick installation in Miami before take part of @pintamiami with @concretespacearts you can see my work in booth CO2 until December 10th










@maasplassen it's an edition of 10


More water!






Que grande




@rather_severe oh damn


Creatividad, contingencia, reflexión... 🖒Artista


Dónde se puede ver tus trabajos en directo?


@isaaccordal thnx 😊


Game of drones





Wow! Yes!


Great !!! 💐


King Canute?


Parabéns por tua arte! Tudo muito lindo e cheio de atitudes


You're depicting a sad world, but I'm afraid that's how it is. Wonderful art ❤




Real como la vida misma, impresiona.


Love this




You don’t leave these do you?


Your art is amazing! Love it!




@ch1llax that one was only for the picture


Thank you @isaaccordal for participating with us ( @concretespacearts )in @pintamiami 2017






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