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Media by Velvetcsx · BcZfsi2Fpac · Likes: 262 · Posted: 2017-12-07T11:53

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07.12.17 - 11:53
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« Support Grande Surface » First shot of a project that we completed last week in Paris. The main plan was to make the shopping mall in the foreground disappear, using first a lot of white paint and then pursuing the lines of the background building with black, to create a giant barcode. That was not that easy, due to the particular volumes of the façades and because we did it in a kind of a low tech way, with someone staying at the point of view, guiding the one tracing the lines by phone. 🙃 Many thanks to Michel, Olivier, @lepeinturlureur @gen_csx @gaelbaron and Raphaël for their work and their dedication ! And a special one to @olivierlandes who set up the project and fought on the spot too ! @die_cast_studio




Some closer pictures of the coloured part soon !



















Tooooo good!!!!


@sobekcis Thank you guys !😊




@leooptique Merci !




@pokraslampas ✌️




@gaelbaron 👋😊


Mortel les gars🖒


@lepeinturlureur 🙏


Bien ouej !


😀 wow! Trop stylé !! 😎




Beautiful 👍😊 see my insta in Paris 🙏


J'adore ! 💙💙💙


@kidswiz Merci 😊


@edelusig Merci beaucoup et encore toutes mes félicitations !






@felipepantone ✌️✌️🙏


Lourdeur encore ! Bien joué les gars ☝☝☝


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