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Media by Li-Hill · BcXkkPeFKcQ · Likes: 1121 · Posted: 2017-12-06T17:57
06.12.17 - 17:57
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"Islands of Information (She Holds Her Ground)" • 12x12" Oil, latex and plywood on wood panel • Model: @leimatic • My piece at @scopeartshow with @thinkspace_art . Take a peak if you are down there this year



If I was there this year and this was available it’d be mine!


So Sick!


Really digging this ❤️




The broken wood give the brush stokes crazy dimension!!


loling dope!




LAWD HAVE MERCY! you never stop evolving mannn


@sorrowbecomesjoy thanks man!


@mrprvrt lol i don't have the new update so I'm gonna assume the emoji means your diggin it ;)


It’s amazing dude!!!


@co_labs wow, thanks so much!


Are you a green texter??? Lol


@will_travel_4_art might still be available 😏


@mrprvrt lol seems like it may be so


Loving the color


👌🏾fire 🔥!!!!


@bluebearfanatic check out @scopeartshow while you are out there!


@leimatic uh oh (in my Creole voice) my girl is famous!!! Lemme find out! I’ll definitely check it out this weekend...I’ve been in the past had no idea you modeled for this piece!! So proud of you!! Can’t wait to see it in person ❤️


Love this picture!
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