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Media by Li-Hill · BcXkkPeFKcQ · Likes: 1084 · Posted: 2017-12-06T17:57
06.12.17 - 17:57
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"Islands of Information (She Holds Her Ground)" • 12x12" Oil, latex and plywood on wood panel • Model: @leimatic • My piece at @scopeartshow with @thinkspace_art . Take a peak if you are down there this year



If I was there this year and this was available it’d be mine!


So Sick!


Really digging this ❤️




The broken wood give the brush stokes crazy dimension!!


loling dope!




LAWD HAVE MERCY! you never stop evolving mannn


@sorrowbecomesjoy thanks man!


@mrprvrt lol i don't have the new update so I'm gonna assume the emoji means your diggin it ;)


It’s amazing dude!!!


@co_labs wow, thanks so much!
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