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Media by CHEO · BcXCa_6g8n7 · Likes: 4043 · Posted: 2017-12-06T12:58
06.12.17 - 12:58
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This lol is so good. Dammit.


Love it 🔥👍


These are so DOPE!!


Killa...I dare say prints would fly out..Gotta be a carplan n hammerite ?😉..Good stuff m8.


Ace👍🏻 Be cool to see some WIPs as you work on these.


Like the new ideas you're coming up with dude...would like to see these on T-shirts🤘


Nice work is.that with an airbrush?


Really grown to hate the Apple Pencil. These are ace tho.


WOW! First class! Mind blown🤯


Breaking Bad.......


Shading on point
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