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Media by District Chicago · BcIJ3VOD5O0 · Likes: 450 · Posted: 2017-11-30T18:15

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30.11.17 - 18:15
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District Chicago

A very special project made specifically for our holiday window! We collaborated with @scoutandwhistle who makes all of our Pendleton pillows. Pendleton wool, all new upholstery to a vintage Plycraft chair and ottoman. πŸ’₯ BAM! Thanks to @valentines_upholstery for working your magic. This is available! . . . . .

























Dream chair!!


Saw this on Saturday ! It’s fabulous


@normanleigh mine too 😩😩😩


@changeofspacedesign thanks for stopping in!


@districtchicago Can you DM with details/pricing?


Ugh love this Chris!


@dina.syrowitz πŸ™€Best chair ever.


@i_am_kyry thanks ❀️❀️❀️




How much? Dm me PLEASE?!??


@conradekaiser πŸ™€


😍😍 gimme


@watchpatina 😱


Can you DM me the price? Thx


Very nice!


Would love info too pleeeeease.


@colbymiles Thought you would love this. 😊


DM price, please!


So sexy!!!




This is great.
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